from cigar box to cathedral – recycled box art – by geoff wilce art – san miguel de allende



With the exception of a two year fine arts degree and two years of one on one instruction in Spain with Jack Hughes, a Royal Academy trained oil painter,  I am and continue to be self taught. My real job for over thirty years was as a hairstylist in Georgetown, Washington DC beginning in 1969 and then in my own Salon, GLAMOURAMA, from 1984 till 2000. Creating a detailed personal craft with my hands is what I have always done.



In my early work, I’ve created oil paintings of landscapes, representational subject matter, and still life. Currently, I work with cigar boxes, recycling them to create architectural forms. I search high and low for found objects of Mexican historical, religious, and cultural interest to embellish the boxes while adding vivid regional colors. Each unique Geoff Wilce Art piece is a contemporary remix of collectors items and tokens, bridging the divide between vintage and modern.



Be sure to check out the Outside The Box Studio in the colonial artist town, San Miguel de Allende. People who dig Geoff Wilce Art recycled boxes include mixed media collectors, outsider art enthusiasts, recycled art junkies and lovers of all things Mexican (whether its art, colors, people or history). Anyone who appreciates the work from Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Cornell, Man Ray, or Dali ought to come say hello.